September 29!

“Series Two of the new Doctor Who series starring David Tennant and Billie Piper will, by all indication, see its US debut on September 29 on the Sci Fi Channel, along with Series One repeats earlier in the day.” – Outpost Gallifrey

Major w00t!! (Though I’m holding my breath, since I’m in a “don’t trust SciFi” kinda mood.)

I saw The Christmas Invasion (warning: spoilers!) online earlier in the year, and it’s a great introduction to David Tennant’s version of the Doctor. However, it’s up in the air as to whether we’ll get to see it on SciFi this time.

Will “The Christmas Invasion” be included? Says Benjamin Elliott of “This Week in Doctor Who,” “The Christmas Invasion is 59 minutes long without commercials, so it would either have to be a) skipped and shown later or b) have 15 1/2 minutes chopped out of it to fit SciFi’s schedule as currently displayed. It does have an extended trailer for Series 2 that could be cut and the credits will always get squeezed, but that still leaves 13 minutes unaccounted for. SciFi has always felt willing to change their schedule at a moment’s notice, so things can always change. They could air Christmas Invasion complete and have filler to finish the 2 hours. But for now, we must assume one of the following 2 scenarios: 9pm Christmas Invasion and 10pm New Earth, or 9pm New Earth and 10pm Tooth and Claw. The Christmas Invasion isn’t required to enjoy Series 2, but some references (notably at the end of the series) make more sense if you see it, and as David Tennant’s debut story it helps establish the kind of Doctor he is.” Also noted is the fact that the Daytime marathon on September 29 on the Sci Fi Channel is the last 8 episodes of Series 1, which makes sense to lead into the new episodes.

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