Silly Me. “It’s Just A Mistake”

I saw this story unfold while I was out of town. It made my blood boil.

Sure, I’ve wanted to smack my two kids upside the head at times–especially when they were little, annoying snotheads with minds of their own (as opposed to BIG, annoying snotheads with minds of their own). Part of being a parent is taking those raw emotions, channeling them into something useful and teaching your children to do the same. Apparently, unlike Ms. Toogood, most people have a brain.

But, of course, society is to blame…or the media…or the cops…or her parents…or the kid…anybody but the slimey bitch who skulked around looking to make sure no one saw her before she launched into releasing her pent up anger over “nothing in particular” onto an innocent child.

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