Sleep? Me no need sleep.

Good news: I finished recording a song!

Bad news: The PC I use to get songs off the recorder and into distributable form hadn’t been updated for the last 4 years. So, it’s taken me all week to get it up to snuff…including fixing the dying sound card. Then, when I finally got everything in place last night, I listened to the song outside of my headphones, and it sounded terrible. The mix had no discernible bass line, and it was all muddy. So, while I don’t think I’ll have to re-record any parts, I do have to tear the thing open and re-mix it from scratch.

And it’s not exactly the greatest song in the world…so, spending this much time on it is bordering on wasteful. But I have to finish it before moving on. At least I am moving on, though, and (despite my bitching) having fun.

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