Slowly Sinking Season

I’ve got a new catch phrase for the Sox (a la the 1948 Boston Braves): Pedro and Lowe…and pray for snow…

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4 Responses to Slowly Sinking Season

  1. Scott says:

    I stopped watching baseball because of 1986.

    However, with Clemens in Da Bronx, where I now live, I do follow it, even if just in the papers. I can never get mad about the Rocket.

  2. Ejen says:

    Mr Martinez did shine yesterday….8 K’s and 0 BBs…scoreless streak is into the 30 inning range now…who will get the C. Young award? Pedro? Lowe? Zito? Hmmm….any other contenders? Ed.

  3. Solonor says:

    Right now it’s neck-and-neck between Pedro and Lowe (especially since they beat Zito). I think Lowe’s going to fall down before Pedro does.

  4. Ejen says:

    My prediction….PEDRO !!!!! I think this would be number three…wouldn’t it???

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