So Far, So Good…

Well, it didn’t take too long to screw up the pool….

Solly took a peek at what we were up to Saturday afternoon. That was just a bit more than a day. Sheesh.

He and his family are doing well. It was great seeing them. I miss them terribly. It sucks that they live in Flordia now, which is so far away from my/our home of Bangor, Maine.

It was a great time, the Rasreth Family stopping by my home for a BBQ, then off to the bowling alley/sports complex for some fun. (Bowling, billiards, beer, etc…)

I ask that you refrain from too much extraneous laughter at my photograph, which was taken multiple times by Whiny, and Mrs. R. And usually at the time that I would attempt to imbibe from my Sam Adams. I expect fully that thses photographs will unfortunatley grace these pages upon the Rasreth family’s return to Florida. (Unless some unfortunate accident happens to their memory card….) A few in attendance felt that all the photo’s showing me in a state of drinking was simply showing me in my natural state. OK, all in attendance, my family included. I’m not sure if I should take offense at that or not.

Yup, that was the best birthday present that I had. Seeing my very good friends again. Thanks, Solly, Mrs. R, Whiny & Pepperkat. You made my b-day awesome. (No knock against my wife & kids efforts, which were wonderful as always. Just add my very good friends stopping by in addition to all that my family does for me, and you have a winner, Johnny!)

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3 Responses to So Far, So Good…

  1. Sally Crawford says:

    I would’ve as well (peeked to see how my baby was doing).

    Glad you had a good b’day.

    I do see the point of the yard sale – so the multi-dynamic R. family could have space in which to be dynamic.

    (Plus clear-outs are gd for the soul.)


  2. domino says:

    Hey, sounds like a lot of fun and sounds like you all had a good time. *sniff* I’m happy for you all *SNIFF* Glad you could all get back together. ***whhhaaaaaa***

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Ooshka came out, as well!

    Now if y’all wouldn’t live so far away from home, we could all do this more often. Like we used to do, back in the day. Dammit!

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