Solonor Makes Tea

ME: Who said you could go on vacation?
BRAIN: Hey, buddy, if you get time off, I get time off. Union rules.

ME: Did you have to try to burn the place down?
BRAIN: Look. I forgot the teapot was boiling, ok? Geez.

ME: All the water boiled away! It nearly caught fire!
BRAIN: One little mistake, and you go all melodramatic on me.

ME: And then you have to tell me to take it over to the sink and what?
BRAIN: Put water in it… yeah, yeah… I know…

ME: The steam exploded out of it! Almost took my hand off!
BRAIN: Quit yer whining, ya pansy.

ME: I’ve got second-degree burns on my hand!
BRAIN: Oh yeah? How are you typing this?

ME: I thought I was dictating.
BRAIN: Dork.

ME: Idiot.

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2 Responses to Solonor Makes Tea

  1. Scott says:

    Meep! Hope it’s not too bad!

  2. jcwinnie says:

    The second time in a short period that I did this I got an electric tea kettle that will at least stop me from burning down the house! Three hundred… fifty-five… degrees!

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