Something to make your summer go slower

They’ve announced the details of what will be included in the Two Towers Extended Edition DVD. 40 more minutes (with a pause button for bathroom breaks)! W00t! has a list of what might be in those extra 40 minutes. If you don’t mind spoilers, click HERE!

We only have to wait until November 18. Argh!

Well, at least Return of the King will be out soon, right? December 17 isn’t that far away, right? *whimper*

Return of the King

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5 Responses to Something to make your summer go slower

  1. well, being late as usual…

    I ran over double time, to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Solonor and lo and behold, look what he has up today *G* YUMMMMMMM…..

  2. natalie says:

    Mmmmm….the spoilers link is tempting…my precious. NO! I must resist the pull. Urgh, it’s so hard! I can resist anything except temptation.

  3. sue bailey says:

    Sorry about your bandwidth Solly, but I’m going to be clicking on that “larger picture” rather a lot, I think. ::drool::

  4. jane says:

    we’re ready. bring it on.

  5. brandelion says:

    i wish they’d fruppin’ get on with it. they filmed them all at once, right? *fruppin frippin frappin*

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