Speaking ill of the dead

I never knew about John M. Ford until he died.

I probably read his work in a Steve Jackson game or a Star Trek novel, but the name apparently didn’t stick with me. I definitely did not know about all of the other wonderful things he wrote. So, now, after reading all of this amazingly funny stuff, he leaves me not only with the sad fact that he won’t be writing any more, but also with the poke in the eye that I had spent 44 years of my life (give or take) without the benefit of his words bumbling around in my cranium.


[ via Linkmeister ]

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2 Responses to Speaking ill of the dead

  1. Linkmeister says:

    The man was a genius with words. I only knew him from the Making Light threads, where he semi-regularly commented, but he could create magic.

    Upon hearing about his death I went to my local library’s online catalog and put as many of his books as it owns on my request list.

  2. Karan says:

    He was a mystery to me until yesterday too. Thanks to the Linkmeister for sharing him….finally.

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