Speaking of Ho’s…

No more tiny bubbles. Still, we have this:

[ via April Winchell ]

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2 Responses to Speaking of Ho’s…

  1. Speaking of hos…

    IMHO, the only thing Imus is guilty of isn’t racism, it’s being PRESUMPTUOUS. Presumptuous to think that if there are rappers winning grammies for singing songs that contain the word “HO” (and while we’re at it, the unrelated “N” word), that it was fair game for him to use it. I’m sure it was a feeble attempt to be “hip,” and not to be hateful.

    Here’s a fantastic piece written by John Ridley posted at The Huffington Post.

  2. CLD says:

    As for the cover of “Shock the Monkey” by Don Ho… OMG — WHY?

    As for Imus… he got what he deserved. Rappers and their dirty words are irrelevant to this incident.

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