Stunned, But Not Surprised

I knew it was coming. There was just no way the Hallmarks of the world would let the opportunity pass. And now it’s official. We have completed our journey down the road of lost dignity. – Bush proclaims September 11 ‘Patriot Day’ – September 5, 2002.

Back in June, it was kind of funny (in a “they’re not really gonna do it anyway” sort of way). We talked facetiously about naming the impending date after the first thing we thought on that terrible morning–“Holy Fucking Shit Day“. There is even a web site devoted to it now.

I knew we’d have to live with maudlin memorials, tacky commemorative junk, and weepy testimonials from people trying to make a buck. But I never really thought it would come down to the President of the United States scooping up the last few tears from the dirt of ground zero and putting it into his political warchest. I don’t know why. Naive, I guess.

So, I guess my petty whine about the fact that he stole Patriot’s Day from us Maine and Massachusetts people isn’t so out of place!

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7 Responses to Stunned, But Not Surprised

  1. theresa says:

    Personally, I liked The Onion’s take on Sept. 11th with the “Holy fucking shit” issue, as blasphemous and unpatriotic as that may be. At the time, I was glad someone brought a little comic relief to the situation.

  2. theresa says:

    aww you don’t have html turned on in the comments 🙂

  3. Solonor says:

    There. I turned it on now…but if you kids start abusing it, I’m sending you to your rooms!

    (Sorry about editing your comments, Theresa, but the links work now.)

  4. Beerzie Boy says:

    Yes. However, I’m not surprised at Mr. Bush taking advantage of the occasion to use for his own gain. They have been milking this tragedy for all its worth; even worse, they use it for a shield against criticism for their failings. For shame.

  5. Ric the S_c_h_m_u_ck says:

    ‘course, Patriots day up here only really means another day off for the banks and government, as it isn’t celebrated and/or recognized any other way… other than the Boston marathon being run that day,and the Red Sox losing another game, only earlier in the day…

  6. Domino says:

    Don’t get me started…Arghhhh. BUSH. I actually voted for Nader (surprised? – I was) anyway I at least thought Bush would be better than what we had. But NOOOO, he’s the only man that actually makes me MISS BILL CLINTON!!! Dear lord I thought I would never say that. I guess it’s not just character, BRAINS count for something too. Say whatever you want about Bill (I often did back during the endless series of scandals) but at least he was a smart son-of-a gun (other than his choice of, um, female partners) Geez, why am I ranting about politics on your 9/11 weblog, I dunno, I just feel real let down by the lack of leadership the last year or so. Cute bullhorn speeches at ground zero are great, but we need more than that to guide this country. And I don’t think a consistent policy of bombing the s*** out of every other third world country is helping either. It doesn’t help that I’m getting more and more nervous as 9/11 comes around again, nor does it help that my wife is 5 months pregnant and I’m scared about where the world is going and what the future holds. So yes, please Mr Prez, as Solonor says, stop “scooping up the last few tears from the dirt of ground zero and putting it into [your] political warchest”. Well at least it’s good to know that Jimmy Carter won’t be remembered as the biggest bonehead president of this era. OK, end of rant.

  7. Domino says:

    Just got his off of Drudge (, it’s a quote from Norman Mailer, “Clinton made a point of surrounding himself with people who might be 90% as intelligent as himself, but never his equal. Bush is smart enough to know that he couldn’t possibly do the same, or the country would be run by morons.” Bawawhahahh…

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