Stupid clogged tubes…

Woke up this mornin’ (duh-naaa-na-na)
Tried to turn on TV (duh-naaa-na-na)
Got no reception (duh-naaa-na-na)
Thought it must have been me

I checked for my email (duh-naaa-na-na)
My internets are dead (duh-naaa-na-na)
There’s a cable outage in your area (duh-naaa-na-na)
I should have stayed in bed

I got the blues
Them cable ain’t receptin’ blues
Lawd, you knows I got ’em
I got them cable ain’t receptin’, got no A-Team, can’t check my e-mail, no blog readin’, can’t check the boxscores, I want my YouTube, guess I’ll go to work early blues

Good thing it works at, um, work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to tell you about Ninjas vs. Pirates… or Human Space Invaders… or Calvin & Hobbes All Your Base… or… gah, I hope my internets are fixed before I get home.

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6 Responses to Stupid clogged tubes…

  1. JustAGirl says:

    I love it! Them internets is good.

  2. Empress says:

    Don’t the cable gods understand? We are a species who have grown to NEED the internet! AND the TV. What are we without our technology??

    I feel completely isolated without internet. I don’t feel like it’s an opportunity to get back to old family values like talking or playing tiddly-winks. No! I feel cut off!! 🙂

    Hope your connection is on when you get home!

  3. mikey says:

    Sorry I couldn’t read for awhile. Computer crashed. I hope Cd is selling well.

  4. Adam says:

    Hello person I’ve never met. Just so you know, I sang this entire song to my dog.

  5. Adam says:

    WITH a guitar! It was awesome man… really.

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    My dog runs when I get my guitar out…

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