In honor of Michele’s review of Cheap Trick at Budokan here’s my version of Surrender.

Even better (like that’s possible), I found a video of a version of John Lennon’s “I’m Losing You” with Cheap Trick as the band. They apparently worked on a few tracks of Double Fantasy before Yoko kicked them out. I think this version is way better than what wound up on that album, but it is on the John Lennon Anthology album.

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4 Responses to Surrender!

  1. Jules says:

    OMGD I can SO play this song on Guitar Hero! *teenage giggle*

  2. bran says:

    I’d love to see another album from you. And then a live compilation of your greatest hits. You on the cover wearing a pink sweatband/headband like Dire Straits, jammin’ on a geetar. You could call it “Lester Live,” and it would so understated. Simple. Rockin’.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I used to think that I knew a little bit about the Beatles. How the heck did I not know about Lennon working with Cheap Trick?????? Now I have a major project, researching this.

    Yes, this version is much better than the Double Fantasy track.. (Though that one ain’t bad, this is just better.)

    How cool would that have been, Lennon being able to write and sing, and having a tight rockin’ backup band that worshipped him (at least Neilsen did)? I’ve long since gotten away from bashing Yoko about everything, but if she really squashed this, I may have to return to that way of thinking. Dammit.

    “Mama’s alright, daddies alright… they just seem a little weird.”

    Lester Live. I like it. If you’re looking for a backup band, I think we can find one.

  4. domino says:

    As I recall the producer that worked with Cheap Trick also knew John and introduced them. John really dug them. Rumor was he wanted to do “more” with them. Sigh. I’ve also heard John *loved* the Pretenders.

    “Yoko’s alright, John’is alright…they just seem a little weird”….

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