Synchronicity Happens (or Great Minds Think Alike)

This kind of synchronistic happenstance (or harmonic convergence) is a regular feature of my life. This morning, I got a ping from couchblog on (what else) the infamous monkey post. I’m thinking, “Boy I hope he/she has a lot of English-speaking readers.” Even so, I can barely translate the humor of “looking for some bacon fat and other delectable goodies” into ENGLISH, much less German or some other language.

In any case, coincidence (or a psychic disturbance in the Force) struck when I read ***Dave :: Lost in the translation. Here, Dave adds a new toy to his blog–the AltaVista Babelfish translator. This is the perfect example of the right tool at the right time!

[ The preceding, of course, is my way of saying “See? I didn’t just put this thing here, because Dave did.” ]

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One Response to Synchronicity Happens (or Great Minds Think Alike)

  1. Christine says:

    Oh, that IS funny! A perfect example of synchronistic happenstance!

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