Thank You, Thank You Very Much

As an antidote to the stupid Two Towers protests, I give you The Return of the King Protest!

[ via Sgt. Grump ]

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5 Responses to Thank You, Thank You Very Much

  1. michele says:

    Heehe. That’s amusing.

  2. ejen says:

    Very funny…:)

  3. -e- says:

    OMG!!! I don’t know what was funnier, that parody, or the fact that I clicked on the “Two Towers” site… and there’s STILL no apology for being a pack of illiterate dumbasses.

  4. It is an OUTRAGE, an OUTRAGE, I tell ya!!!

    Ladies and gentlemen… I rarely ask anything of you. I probably should have spoken up when they deliberately named the

  5. Elvis Has Left The Building!

    Remember that moronic *The Two Towers* protest site that I

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