That only counts as one!

Oh, you are going to LOVE it. You will return to your house and immediately blog about it, before rest or sleep. Of course.batgrl

Am I that predictable? Or is this some sort of blogger disease to which all of us have fallen victim?


I have returned from my first-of-many viewings of Return of the King. Were it not for the prospect of future, extended edition goodness next Christmas, I would have little left to look forward to. Other than going to see it again tonight, of course!!

Don’t worry about spoilers, nor even hints of such from me. It’s still swirling around in my brain, and I have to let it settle down a bit anyway.

I will say that I am soooo glad I went this morning. As with the Fellowship, I found myself spending too much time anticipating what was to come and wondering how they were going to do it to sit back and really enjoy thing. Unlike Two Towers, however, there were no “Ohhh, man, why’d they have to mess with the story?” moments.

Did it follow the book precisely? No, it did not.

Were things left out? Yes, definitely.

Did it matter? Not one whit.

I don’t mean to sound all melodramatic, like this is the greatest movie ever and that no one could possibly see anything wrong with it. But… man that was good.

And, yes, Batty. I fought back tears. Twice.

So far…

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4 Responses to That only counts as one!

  1. Speaker says:

    Speaker of ROTK. I wrote and sung a parody about the origin of Gollum… it Solly!?
    check it out! I’m very proud of it!

  2. batgrl says:

    Well, I still missed the big Christopher Lee scene – definitely felt that lack. But it didn’t matter, it was wonderful and I must see it again.
    Heck I get teary just watching the trailers on tv…

    So wait – you’re seeing it again today in how many hours?

  3. peat says:

    I can’t wait. Going next week…probably Christmas day. I will let you know what I think.

    One thing is for sure, from now on Valinor is going to be a lot more active in the baseball league.


  4. andavariel says:

    oooh i was crying throughout!!! spesh-“my friends, you bow to no one” :’-(
    im sorry. i know i will sound like a teenie but i must speak my mind (if you dont believe im a real fan ask me a question bout it) but ORLANDO BLOOM IS SOOOO DAMN HOT IN THIS FILM. like i said. im not a teenie. ask me a question. ive read the appendices 😀
    byeeee gotta go and watch RotK!

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