The Adventures of Bobby Sock and Friends, Part 4

Bobby goes to Canada, eh?

Whilst unsuspecting Canadians lay sleeping, Strike Force Rasreth prepared to cross the border into foreign soil. Our plan was simple. Insert our team into hostile territory and gather as much intelligence about their plans to infect us with mad cow disease (aka, Celine Dion Syndrome) as possible.

We went over our checklist again…

Vaguely Canadian-looking map? Check.
Extra batteries for the spycam? Check.
Car filled with cheap American gas? Check.
Protective gear for the spontaneous hockey games that break out from time-to-time on Canadian streets? Check.
Reading material for the long, boring drive? Ummm…

Drat! Knew we’d forget something. So, before we hit the road, we went where all soon-to-be foreign tourists go…

Beware of comic shops!

Pepperkat picked up a Lenore comic (which, I’m told, is not nearly as cool as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac or Squee, but I don’t know). Meanwhile, Whiny the Elder settled on an RPG tome: Chicago Chronicles, Vol 1.

So, properly armed, off we set for the Great White North. (Which, ironically, meant that we headed South.) We went down Route 1A to Ellsworth and Jordan’s Snack Bar. For everyone knows that an army travels on its stomach. And a Maine army’s stomach needs seafood.

And though even McDonald’s in Maine sells lobster rolls…*shudder*
Beware of lobster rolls from McDonald's!

There’s nothing like the real thing.

After our provisioning stop, we traveled down Route 1 (taking the scenic path, just to throw off suspicion), stopping to look at the mud flats along the way.

Beware of mud!

Beware of mud barons!
“Someday, lad, all this will be yours.”

It was then that we had the brilliant idea to take a totally unplanned detour into Acadia National Park and the Schoodic Peninsula.

Beware of cliffs!
(We made Pepperkat wade out into the icy surf to take the picture. Which is why she’s not in it.)

There was much rock-climbing/crevass-crawling goodness to be had. And the jury will please note that most of the pictures in this section of the photoblog do not contain yours truly, who not only followed his teenagers across the rocky outcroppings and into the foul-smelling caves but did not have a heart attack while doing it (that anyone saw).

Beware of rock climbing maniacs!
“Yes! We didn’t fall to our doom! Can we try again?”

Our primal lust for physical exertion satisfied, we once more headed in a somewhat Canada-ish direction. There would be no stopping us now. We had our cover story down. And it was damned good. If we were stopped for questioning at the border, we would tell them that we were South American donut merchants on our way to a big pastry convention in Dieppe. Then, we’d toss them some backbacon and a carton of smokes and run like hell. It was such a good plan, I was disappointed when the border guard just waved at us and said, “Welcome to Canada, eh?”

We were home free. I was so happy with our success that I allowed myself to quit worrying for a minute. Next stop: the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews.

It was then that Venita reminded me that the Algonquin was haunted… (Jinkys!)


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5 Responses to The Adventures of Bobby Sock and Friends, Part 4

  1. Linkmeister says:

    I believe it all except the part about cheap American gas.

  2. Solonor says:

    Compared to Canadian? It’s 98-cents per LITER up there! There’s 3.79 liters in a gallon, so that makes it $3.71 a gallon!!

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    But the ad’s say your American Dollar goes further in Canada………

  4. babs says:

    I’m so happy you stayed at the Algonquin! I noticed that in the photoblog! Looking forward to hearing about that stay in the next post!

    And, about the canadian gas – That’s 3.71 in canadian coin for an american gallon – change the 3.71 of canadian coin into US dollars and you’ve got 2.77$ Sure it’s still a loonie more – but most of that is tax! Didn’t you see the tax sticker explaining that on the pump!? cheech!

  5. babs says:

    oh. and about bobby sock coming to Canada – were you aware that you may just have started a sock war?

    Ed will kill Bobby!

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