The Amazing Tilapia-O-Matic ’06

The folks at Blendtec sell their blenders the old fashioned way–by making laboratory videos of a guy blending stuff.

While you won’t see a frog in a blender, they take suggestions for things you want to see blended and put them into two categories: Try This At Home and Don’t Try This At Home.

My favorites are the light bulbs and barbies. And I find it highly amusing to see a McDonald’s meal put in a blender considering that Ray Kroc started out as a blender salesman.

[ via Sgt. Grump ]

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2 Responses to The Amazing Tilapia-O-Matic ’06

  1. Fizzy says:

    You created a monster. Boyscout is off watching the videos and coming up with his own stuff he would like to try and see blend.

  2. Eventhough this picture turns out to be bogus, have you seen it?

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