The blustery day

What a long, boring day.

It snowed last night on top of the ice, leaving things a wonderful mess. The wind is whipping, and the temp is around 13 degrees (-8 wind chill).

I ventured out of the hotel cocoon to go across the parking lot to the IHOP for breakfast, and I almost broke my neck five times. After that, I figured that getting into the car and driving anywhere would be pretty stupid. I have no coat, gloves or hat. So, if I slid off the road anywhere, I’d pretty much be a Solonor-sicle until April.

On the positive side, it’s given me a chance to catch up on blogs and some work stuff. I also signed up with CD Baby to sell my cd. It’s getting pretty serious now, as I have an official UPC barcode for it and everything! (Now, I just have to finish it and send them some stock to sell.)

The site has some preliminary graphics from the arteeste department, and it looks really cool. Hopefully, I can put up a sneak peek soon.

Yep. It’s time to get serious about this thing.

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3 Responses to The blustery day

  1. Somewhat says:

    Hurry up and make with the sneaky peeky, can’t you?!

  2. zee says:

    well… whatcha waitin’ for, eh?

  3. Jules says:

    IS time? Nah, more like WAY PAST time, which I suppose makes it perfect timing.

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