The Cableman Diaries

One of my best friends down here in Florida is referred to on this blog as “Cableman.” Now, like every nickname, there’s a story behind that… not one that anyone who wasn’t there will understand, but hey it’s his birthday!

When Cableman first joined our company, he was just plain old Barclay. One of Barclay’s first assignments was to go to one of our customers in North Carolina and set up their cash registers to electronically transmit sales data to a PC at each of their 60 stores.

Sure, it sounds easy…

Show me the rest…

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3 Responses to The Cableman Diaries

  1. Scott says:


    I loved this line:

    “Why? Is he a Ju-88, Do-17, or He-111 crewman?”

  2. Cableman says:

    I had forgotten most of that..
    Now the nightmare’s will return…

  3. Grump says:

    Cableman-You must be referring to “client nightmares”: The “company nightmares” are perpetual. (And you never did tell me which German bomber you flew in…)

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