The Critiquees – Music

As if the Bloggies and the Photobloggies, the Golden Fingers and, oh yeah, those pesky Oscars happening weren’t enough, Blogcritics has announced the first annual Critiquees!

First up is the music category. Everyone gets to nominate up to five choices (ranked in order of preference) in each of the following categories:

-album of the year
-song of the year
-songwriter of the year
-rock album
-country/Americana album
-r&b album
-jazz album
-world/reggae album
-electronic album
-soundtrack album
-best re-issue or compilation [box sets, re-mastered, or bonuses]
-best new artist
-album that sucked most vigorously

Entries are due by Monday, February 13, with the winners announced on February 16 (a week before the Grammys). I encourage you to e-mail Eric your nominees, but I’d also like it if you sent me some suggestions on who to vote for. I don’t get out much. What happened in music in 2002?

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One Response to The Critiquees – Music

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I thought you were always over to Barnes and Noble, listening to the latest Eminem release? Shouldn’t you be up to date on the latest trends in today’s music? 🙂
    Does it have a good beat? Can you dance to it?
    Remeber 7-Teens? gaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk
    Good thing VCR’s weren’t the rage by then!

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