The Last Referrer List (Sans Tom Cruise)

Well, that was fun.

I love numbers and stats and lists and being silly. The monthly Referrer Madness gave me the chance to turn you into cartoon superheroes, set you up to star on Fox TV shows, associate you with Brain Damage, take you completely out of context, re-cast you as hobbits, dwarves and orcs, imagine how you’d have written Lord of the Rings, and make up little known ‘facts’ about you.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone too much by turning their blog into something to be ranked like a stupid VH1 List or by not including them at all. My intent was to be selfish and silly, not mean and hurtful.

So, to wrap things up, and in tribute to Casey Kasem leaving American Top 40 this week, I went back and assigned points to the blogs in the past Top 20’s (20 for first, 19 for second, etc.) and compiled the The 2003 Top 40 Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window™.

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

At number 38 we have 3-way (heh) tie.

First up is Yvonne and her hit single: Don’t piss off the pregnant lady! Statia hits the charts with a cross-over country song: I need to wake up, put on my makeup And teen idol Will woos the ladies with: Queer Eye for the Straight Dictator

At 37, the lovely and talented Zuly sings the Mary Kay Theme Song.

Not seen in these parts for some time, but holding on to the number 36 spot is the once-and-future Queen of Spork, Christine and her new single: Goin’ to the Chapel

At 35, Annessa does a soulful shouter called: It’s my birthday! Buy me presents!

Eric Brooks comes in at number 34 with his attempt at changing musical styles: Gimme Some Skin!

A tie at number 32 sees Bill trying to get a little Respect and Speaker moving up the charts with Mistress Banshee is an unwashed heathen.

At number 31, the Artist Formerly Known As Unixgal covers the Beatle hit: (You Say It’s Your) Birthday

Joanie clocks in at number 30 with her version of We Are the World.

Two artists at number 28 have protest songs. Skits sings Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be gator food and Melissa croons We Shall Overcome.

At 27, MJ, um, well…she actually does real songs. Show off.

Peat makes the chart at number 26 with his novelty song: If you stare at the logo on this page long enough you will go insane.

At number 25, Mr. Unix Gal discovers that old Lawrence Welk hit: Tank You DVD Boysss

Andrea makes it to number 24 with: Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

At 23, BitterKat does the punk rock: I ain’t got no permalinks! So bite me!

Chris hits 22 with his salsa rap: Save the Internet!

Another Chris comes in at 21 with his soul ballad: Do you remember me?

Hawaiian music is always popular with countdown listeners. Hot island star Linkmeister makes it all the way to number 20 with the native strains of: Germany, My Germany

Canadian music is just as popular these days as it ever was. That’s why Dania comes in at number 19 when she sings: The Strawberry Shortcake Song

At number 18, Laurence gives us one of his trademark love songs with: Shove it up your ass, Bloggies!

Theresa comes in at 17 with her N Sync cover: Bye Bye Bye

Busy Mom has the number 16 spot with: Flirting with Disaster

Buzz is at number 15 with: Everything you know is wrong!

The third Chris in the charts takes the number 14 spot with his AC/DC cover: You Shook Me All Night Long

The reclusive Gretchen shows up at number 13 with an old song from the 80’s: I always feel like somebody’s watching me

We miss Dragonleg. But, through the magic of Google cache, this number 12 superstar keeps on keeping on.

At number 11, Pickle Juice serves up some dance fever with: Denny Terrio’s love children

And now, the Top 10…

10. Mark Lane sings that old folk song: Kumbaya

9. Bran twists the night away with: The Cookie Cutter Story

8. Geekman goes all Barbra Streisand and scores big with: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

7. Brian Kane hooks up with the Irish Rovers to sing: Auld Lang Syne

6. Les brings his unique brand of opera-laden rockabilly to the countdown with: The Mystery Train Aria

5. Cheyenne tries to mix John Lennon with Liz Phair: Tomorrow Never Knows

4. Brian Peace wants to: Party Like It’s 1989

3. Robyn goes Rod Stewart with: Every Picture Tells A Story

2. Michele covers her favorite song by Aqua: (She’s A) Barbie Girl

And, finally, the Number 1 most persistent referrer in 2003 was…

Scott, who sings the song that’s been on everyone’s lips for the past year: If it weren’t for Tolkien Baseball, I might have a life! (aka, the “I Hate Solonor Song”)

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13 Responses to The Last Referrer List (Sans Tom Cruise)

  1. spacebran says:

    The Tolkien Baseball song is one of my personal favorites.

    so long, referrer madness! you’ve been a blessing and a bane. thanks for all the fun, Sol-o-mine.

  2. theresa says:

    I would resent the fact that you mentioned my name in the same sentence as NSYNC if it wasn’t a link to an Eagles post. 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m glad to see I made the top 40! It’s been fun to read your referrer lists but I’m sure it’s a pain to put them together.

    Happy isn’t not 2003 anymore!

  4. Scott says:

    I never, ever say this. Ever.


    Never again will you hear it.

    [w00t!] shhh! He’ll hear you!

  5. picklejuice says:

    Not too shabby – number eleven and I’ve only been linkin’ ya since June.

    Next year my ass is going to be in the top ten. Even if I have to bribe and/or hurt somebody.

    I dig the Denny Terrio reference, btw. I’m one of the few people who wouldn’t be angered at the comparison. Disco forever, baby!

  6. Melissa says:

    Wow. I’ve never been on a Top 40(38) list before. Very cool. Merci. 🙂

  7. robyn says:

    When will we see the Time Life release of this?

  8. Of All The Rotten

    It would not be the new year without me getting a bit of the flu bug. 4 days in and im sick again. I did manage to go see LOTR ROTK (too sick to spell it). I must say I

  9. Alteredboy says:

    Nothing like a good one hit wonder.

  10. JadedJu says:

    Please go visit Solonor. It kills me that month after month I don’t make his top ten referrers list. Remember,…

  11. Les says:

    Whoa, number 6. I did better than I expected. Good thing you’re not doing this again this year as I was scheming on how I would crush Scott and drive him from his number 1 position.

    Yeah, right, I did so well the last time I tried to do that…

  12. Scott says:

    Les – one phrase: Tolkien Baseball.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  13. gnome-girl says:

    Do you think if John had met Liz he would of made “help” his themesong? 😛

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