The real reason I go to the movies

There were a couple of really good previews before the movie last night. I can’t wait for A Series of Unfortunate Events. The preview for Pooh’s Heffalump Movie made me a little misty for the days when the kids lived for Pooh and Sesame Street. And despite my reservations, the trailer for Star Wars Episode III grabbed me by the throat with the opening chords of the theme.

Hello. My name is Lester, and I’m a preview-a-holic. One of my favorite shows was Sneak Previews. If I show up “just in time” for the movie, but miss the previews, the movie is ruined.

I know I’m not the only one. Admit it. You like to see the exciting snippets of upcoming celluloid spectaculars. You want to see what cool new crap Hollywood is putting out there for you. (And, yes, you realize that the preview will be the best part of 99-percent of them.)

It’s ok. You’re among friends here.

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4 Responses to The real reason I go to the movies

  1. Lesley says:

    The most important thing that caught me about the preview for “Star Wars Episode III” was hearing the voice of James Earl Jones! The only Darth Vader. Now I’m actually looking forward to seeing the movie, as opposed to feeling it’s an obligation.

  2. Solonor says:

    Oh yes! They used the image of Luke and the voiceover of Alec Guinness (the REAL Obi-Wan) to good effect. But seeing and hearing the real DARTH VADER was the best!

  3. geeky says:

    the previews are my favorite part of the movies! the commercials, however, i could live without.

  4. kat says:

    I think SWIII is the whole reason I want to see the incredibles. I want to see the trailer!!!

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