The Web Crawler Is Back

Here’s something to give Theresa and Annessa the will to live (at least until July). The Spider-Man 2 trailer!

[ via skits ]

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8 Responses to The Web Crawler Is Back

  1. Holy Crap!! Geek Alert!

    Go here and geek out on the Spider-Man 2 trailer. Alfred Molina looks utterly amazing as Dr. Octopus. Oh, baby.

  2. The itsy bitsty………..

    Spidey’s back! Spidey’s back~Whoooooooooo! Opens July 2~see trailer I love me some Spiderman! I should reserve a babysitter now~any offers? Found at solly’s

  3. My senses are all tingly

    Click me

    Via Sol

  4. Buzz says:

    How fair is it that they give us a trailer that cool and then say that we have to wait half a year to see it!? Auugghhh!!

  5. Geek Overload Alert! “Spiderman 2” trailer on the web.

    It’s tiny as hell, but the first teaser-trailer for Spiderman 2 is up. It must be getting swamped as I’ve not been able to download more than a few seconds of it so far and that’s using my work connection to the web. Found via Scott who says Doc Oc…


    I totally forgot about the new Spiderman trailer until Solonor mentioned it. I feel better already! Go watch the Spiderman 2 Trailer. Of course, I have to wonder if they could have made the trailer any smaller….

  7. skits says:

    Sigh. I’m so happy. I love me some Spiderman.

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