The worst thing that happened to you, that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized.

I’m not jumping off the bridge because the Sox lost their opening game (like they’ve done almost every year I’ve been alive). In fact, as ugly as last night’s game was, I’m kinda glad they got smacked around a bit. After an off-season full of parades and TV appearances and being treated like fricking kings, I hope the reminder that they are still the David to New York’s Goliath will bring them back to earth. Hello? Boston? Yes, it was an amazing comeback, but you were the Wild Card team last year. Don’t go gettin’ cockey, kid.

And, ya know, I love Jon Miller and Joe Morgan (at least as compared to the Fox alternative), but their constant harping on last year’s ALCS and the “aren’t we hip?” new music segment just served to remind me that all national sports announcers have devolved into marketing hacks. They’re out to convince us that there is no possible way we could enjoy the game without their hype. In their minds, they’re the Super Awesome Talent Agency, and we can’t live without them.

As for 2004, I’m with Theo Epstein who said, “Didn’t you get the memo? We’re not talking about that anymore. This is 2005.”

Now, if we can just get them to stop going on and on about steroids…

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3 Responses to The worst thing that happened to you, that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized.

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    As much as I was interested in what Joe and Jon had to say, for some reason they were pre-empted here in Red Sox Nation. (Oh I forget, that’s everywhere now, isn’t it?)

    When I clicked on ESPNDUH, all I got was an ESPN News clicker.

    Fortunatley, NESN was in fine form, with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. Even listened to a little Joe & Jerry on the radio at the beginning of the game (Boy Scout meetings get done early? Opening night? Nahhhhhhhh)

    I agree, Solly. Being beaten around a little is OK for this game. After all, what fun is it if the Evil Empire doesn’t look imposing? At least it was fun watching the Yankees (and their fans) get apprehensive as The Unit got scored upon first, and was merely mortal, not superhuman.

    This is gonna be fun. Baseball is back, yahoooo!


    Balk in a run and hit RhoidBoy…twice?!

    Welcome “home,” Boomer!

  3. Karan says:

    Wait…are you suggesting that the Red Sox won the world series last year?

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