There Be Dragons

Went to see Reign of Fire last night. While it was an entertaining flick, it just didn’t have the right something to make it really great.

The special effects are quite good, with the dragons being the stars of the show. The humans, on the other hand, are a mixed lot.

Matthew McConaughey did his best Captain Ahab, as the American dragon slayer. But he didn’t quite cross the threshold from obsession to insane obsession (although that is arguable, considering his fate). For me, he just wasn’t crazy enough.

Christian Bale was very good as the leader of a band of British survivors. He was overly cautious and conservative, but he never got too whiny. And I loved the interplay between him and his second in command, Gerard Butler. Their re-enactment for the kids of a famous “legend” from the past (about a good boy who fights evil that turns out to be related to him ::wink, wink::) is a hoot.

Overall, it’s a good night at the movies. And what could be better than that?

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