They don’t call it the Cy Young Award for nothing

Today is the 100th anniversary of Denton True “Cy” Young pitching the
first Perfect Game in American League history. Young pitched 8 hitless innings in 2 games prior to this and 6 more in the next game… a total of 24 1/3 hitless innings… 76 batters without a hit! The scoreless streak stretched to 45 innings – a record that held until Don Drysdale got 58 in 1968. (Orel Hershiser got 59 in 1988.) On top of that, he struck out 349 that year, which was the Major League record broken by Sandy Koufax (382) in 1965.

I know the real cure for The Curse™. The Sox need to change their name back to the Boston Pilgrims.

[ Thanks to Cableman for reminding me of this. ]

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Better, they should revive Cy Young or get Koufax out of retirement. Sandy’s only 60 or so, and look what Clemens is doing this year.

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