They Love Me

I noticed a lot of people have been putting quotes on their blogs from their fans. Some even have a nice little random quote generator to display them. So, I thought, “What the hell. I’ll ask my friends to come up with some quotes for me.” Here’s what they came up with:

“Leave me alone.” – Sgt. Grump

“What a blogwhore!” – Gnome-Girl

“You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!” – Ric the Schmuck

“Yeah, enough tequila, I’d do him.” – Michele

“Yeah, enough tequila, I’d do him.” – wKen

“You’re not asking me, are you? It’s because I’m…you know…” – JustAGirl

“Bite me, jerk!” – Statia

“Solonor. That’s a girl’s name.” – Domino

“I’ll tell you where you can stick that microphone.” – Sekimori

“Funnier than Dave Barry… Hey! Who the f*ck wrote this?” – Dave Barry

“Better than a benefit mudbog at polecat hollow!” – Cableman

“Eyes up here, mister!” – Da Goddess

“Dad, stop spending my allowance on Robyn!” – Pepperkat

“Dad, stop spending my allowance on Robyn!” – Kat

“Dad, stop spending my college money on Robyn.” – Theresa

“Keep the presents coming, bub, and no one will find out about your little secret.” – Robyn

“Isn’t he dead?” – Bigwig

“60 points.” – Laurence

“More Wil Wheaton than you.” – D

“I turned him into a newt!” – Muse

“At least the little snozberry can frickin’ count!” – Mr. Gretchen

“It’s like my site. Only less hairy.” – Dave

“It’s like my site. Only bad.” – Jack

“I kept giving him the finger, but he wouldn’t leave!” – -e-

“A model patient. When he wants to be.” – Crazy Tracy

“Braaaains!” – Hoopty

“He stole my crazy act. Bread and I will deal with him later.” – Geekman

“I hate this fucking shit. Grow up, mate.” – Mordant

“Just not pink enough.” – Christine of Colormepink!

“Just not nude enough. Thank God.” – Kat

“Funny. Like PMS.” – Christine of Big Pink Cookies

“It’s BEAR. B-E-A-R. Not BEER! Go away.” – NZ Bear

“Did somebody say cookies and beer?” – Dragonleg

“So evil, a goose must have made it.” – Brian Kane

“Well, he’s no hobbit.” – Andrea

“What am I? Chopped liver?” – Bill

“I’ll be back.” – Dick

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10 Responses to They Love Me

  1. wKen says:

    I never said anything like that! It’s probably true, but I never said it.

  2. statia says:

    wow, am I that predictable? :oP

  3. michele says:

    I was talking about wKen when I said that.

  4. Ric The schmuck says:

    Puh-lease do not confuse Ric The Schmuck with some poor retail slob. I keep him buried deep inside my poor tortured psyche….
    Personally, I like “beer and cookies!”

  5. kat says:

    lol, people wuv you dahling 🙂

  6. gnome-girl says:

    yes I stand by that quote man!!! but I love ya even still 🙂

  7. Les says:

    He may be evil, but not as evil as me. Or as stupid. Or as much of a bastard. Hell, skip Solonor and go to the original: Stupid Evil Bastard.


  8. Scott says:

    Feh, you don’t even bother to quote my own post regarding your snarkfest.

    Feh, I say! Feh!

  9. robyn says:

    I’ll never teeeeeelllllll…

  10. D says:

    Its so full of Wil Wheatony-goodness, its fit to burst at the seams. At the seams I say! Bwahahahaha!

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