This is Red Sox 5, I’m going in!

OK, I was gonna play nice. I was gonna just be cool. I wasn’t gonna throw rocks in the glass house (since we’re both behind fricking Baltimore at this point). But war is declared and battle come down.

I think the Yankee Information Minister says it best.

skillzy: Yankee Information Minister

Join Skillzy’s Rebel Alliance of Red Sox and Cubs fans! Fight the power!

Down with the Evil Empire!

This blog will be posting the updated Yankee Threat Advisory throughout the crisis… er, baseball season.

Yankee Threat: Elevated. Yankees in Third

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4 Responses to This is Red Sox 5, I’m going in!

  1. hard times says:

    Behind Enemy Lines

    Tonight, the (beloved) Red Sox venture into the heart of darkness for a weekend series against the (evil) Yankees. Expect action from the usual suspects should the Yankees manage to win one. Weapons are free in hostile comments sections, and don…

  2. JimSpot says:

    It’s On!

    Three games in the belly of the beast. Michele is, of course, taking bets…. last year, she photoshopped an…

  3. wesa got gwand army!

    If the Yankees are the evil empire than that must mean… Your birthday is gonna SUCK, dude! And you and you won’t be having much fun tonight either. EVIL ALWAYS WINS! THE SOX WILL GO DOWN LIKE AALDERAN!…

  4. Join The Alliance!

    The Y***** Hater Alliance, that is!

    As a public service, The Passionate Ailurophile will be joining Solonor, Skillzy and other Y*****-haters everywhere in displaying the current “Y***** Threat Advisory”.

    The Evil Empire must be stoppe…

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