This just in from Cableman…

I was on the phone with Grump a minute ago telling him there was definitely a boil water alert for Winter Park when in the background I heard his house alarm go off, and his reaction was something like this…

What the…?
My alarm? Wait… I have POWer!!
Gotta go reset the alarm WOO HOO I HAVE POWER!!!
(mental image of Grump doing the happy dance)

It’s the little things.

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3 Responses to This just in from Cableman…

  1. Maria says:

    Hurray!!!! Congrats to the grump!! I know we feel so grateful to have power right now!! Thank God our lines are underground. My Sister won’t have power for at least another week. Her entire power grid has to be rebuilt.

  2. Yeah, that was my reaction too — swiftly followed by “Must… destroy… alarm… device….!”

  3. Sgt Grump says:

    I have two fire alarms mounted out-of-reach high on the wall (cathedral ceiling). To shut off that high-pitched, dead-awakening, pulsating banshee scream, I had to run out to the garage, squeeze my way in behind the van, drag out the stepladder (without damaging the van), haul it into the house and climb up to each of them separately. Meanwhile, the cats were freaking out and my brain was being turned into jello by that sound of twin fire alarms… Not an event I want to experience again.

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