Went to see Runaway Jury last night. Not the greatest movie ever, but pretty darn good. I really wanted to see it because all of the marquees had it abbreviated as “Runaway Ju”. I thought it was about Jill.

Pepperkat: I love Milk Duds!
Friend of Pepperkat: But what are Milk Duds, actually?
Pepperkat: Duh. They’re milk… in dud form.

I missed Melissa’s birthday. Inconceivable!

Bill has been silenced! As is Zuly!! (I’m sure it’s only temporarily so. At least, I hope so.)

I need to change my Aortal site. Kat’s been loved long enough.

I completely missed Buzz’s Blog It Forward day. And I even got mentioned on Bloggie Broad’s list! She, by the way, had a wonderful idea to put up a site that would consolidate all the blogger charities into a one stop giving place. I volunteered to help/host/write/whatever, but haven’t gotten off my lazy butt, yet. Anyone else up for it?

My new comment spam shield is going up. Thank you, Jay Allen!

Sign the Million for Marriage Petition, so some of my friends can stop living in sin!

The Dialect Survey is done. So, people can stop arguing about whether it’s ONT or ANT or POP vs SODA. Though, I really do like this site on the subject.

The article in Electronic Gaming Monthly called Child’s Play (where they expose a panel of 10-13 year olds to classic video games like Pong and Tetris), is a blatant attempt to make me feel old. Instead, it just makes me hate kids. Nyah!

Thunderbird rawks for it’s spam filters. Took me 2 or 3 days to train it, but now I get 100 messages sent to my Junk folder instead of my Inbox. Progress.

I won $40 playing video black jack in Vegas, baybee!

Must. See. Kill. Bill. Tonight.

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6 Responses to Tidbits

  1. JustAGirl says:

    Glad you’re home…we missed you!

  2. jadedju says:

    I thought it was about me too. It isn’t?

  3. Zuly says:

    I’m back, my darling!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    You forgot my birthday? And here I thought Ric was the Schmuck…


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    Today I am pleased (proud, relieved, thankful, etc) to announce the release of MT-Blacklist v1.5. There are some major changes…

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