To WHOm it may concern

Sci Fi begins airing Series Three of Doctor Who tonight at 8pm! First they’re going to show last December’s Christmas special, “The Runaway Bride” at 8pm. Then, they’ll show the first regular season episode, “Smith and Jones,” immediately following at 9:30pm.

The schedule for now is that they will show each episode at 9pm each Friday until August 31. The show then moves to 8pm as of September 7 due to the return of Stargate Atlantis at 9pm.

The schedule of episodes is as follows:

July 6 – The Runaway Bride (8:00pm), Smith and Jones (9:30pm)
July 13 – The Shakespeare Code (9:00pm)
July 20 – Gridlock (9:00pm)
July 27 – Daleks in Manhattan (9:00pm)
August 3 – Evolution of the Daleks (9:00pm)
August 10 – The Lazarus Experiment (9:00pm)
August 17 – 42 (9:00pm)
August 24 – Human Nature (9:00pm)
September 7 – The Family of Blood (8:00pm)
September 14 – Blink (8:00pm)
September 21 – Utopia (8:00pm)
September 28 – The Sound of Drums (8:00pm)
October 4 – Last of the Time Lords (9:30pm)

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2 Responses to To WHOm it may concern

  1. Lisa says:

    Yay! Sorry I stopped with the uploading – I had a slight emergency in that I was in the hospital and had surgery (a double bowel re-section – ugh!), and I was recovering at my sister’s house, and I haven’t even caught up myself. I have all the rest of the eps though, so if you want me to upload them (if you can’t wait for Sci Fi’s schedule to air them all) I will. I’ll also upload the Confidentials – I just have to finish downloading those.

    I haven’t watched, as I said, but I have heard some things, and YOW! The Doctor Who online fandom is wanking itself to pieces over the conclusion! Plus, very very cool casting news for next season, which I did peek at, because I couldn’t help myself. I won’t say anything here though – you can find it all at the BBC website. 😛

    Oh yeah – I’ve got Torchwood, too, if you want that – not sure what Sci Fi is doing about that. Anyway, I’m back now, so you know where to find me. 🙂

  2. domino says:

    Tried to watch “The Runaway Bride”, but never saw Julie Roberts.

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