Too Late For Goodbyes

Blair: ‘Back me or I quit’

Sorry Parliament. Blair is right. No matter how stupid I might think the war with Iraq might be or how assinine our leadership, we would lose our last shred of credibility if we packed up and went home now. The last thing we can do now is back down.

Thank you, Mr. President. You have painted us into a corner. The entire fate of the United States is in the hands of a homicidal dictator. We have no power left. Everyone is holding his breath to see what Saddam does. And what Saddam does now decides our actions. Not a single thing we do matters until after he decides what to do. Isn’t that special?

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8 Responses to Too Late For Goodbyes

  1. robyn says:

    This is worse than that feeling you get when you wake up from a dream thinking you’ve missed attending a class you’ve forgotten about all semester long and are late to take the final…

  2. Tick tock tick tock

    I mentioned this over at Solonor’s yesterday, and it still applies. Right now I have that uneasy / queasy feeling you get after waking up from a bad dream. You know the one. You wake up thinking you’ve forgotten to attend a class all semester long, and…

  3. dave says:

    First off, I’m no fan of Dubyah. Having said that, I don’t agree with your assessment of the situation at all.

    Sounds kinda doomsday-ish to me. I don’t think the “entire fate of the United States is in Saddam’s hands” at all. No matter what he does, we’ll still be standing. He can’t win this one. His OWN fate hangs in his hands…but the ultimate outcome of this is already sealed. One way or another, Saddam is out. He can either leave town or we can toss him (or kill him), but he’s not in control of this situation, we are. It may sound arrogant, but it’s true, whether you think the war is right or not.

    We’ll win this war. Hopefully with minimal casualties. And when it’s over there are going to be some very difficult questions for the administration to answer. I look forward to that. And to 2004.

  4. Colleen says:

    It’s not really Saddam that concerns me. We beat him quite easily 12 years ago. What worries me are the freaks who think it’s good to steer planes into buildings. I worry about what terrorists will do now that we’re fighting against the muslim people (in their eyes). I worry there may already be people in the US who can inflict pain in our own country. Saddam is a small fish. I’m worrying about the guys who are just looking for any excuse to let loose on us.

  5. dave says:

    And that’s a very valid concern, Colleen. Unfortunately, terrorists are planning to hit us again whether we attack Iraq or not. They may use it as an excuse, but they’re going to do it anyway.

    Here’s how I look at it: Suppose NOBODY doubted that attacking Iraq was the right thing to do. And suppose further that we didn’t think Al Qaeda would hit us again UNLESS we attacked Iraq. Would that justify not doing it? I say no. Otherwise, we’re letting terrorists use fear dictate our foreign policy for us…we’re letting them win. That’s not acceptable.

  6. Colleen says:

    You’re right – I’m just a big wuss when it comes to all of this. I was 15 or so during the first gulf war. This time I’ve got three kids and being a parent has made me soft.

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