Top Eleven – Paul McGann

Counting down the 11 8 days to the 50th anniversary, here are my top 11 stories for each Doctor, continuing with 8 (Paul McGann).

He only had one turn at the Doctor on TV, but Paul McGann went on to star in dozens of audio adventures in the Big Finish series.

Doctor Who: The Moviedoctor-who-96-tv-movie-8thdoctor
The universe hangs by such a delicate thread of coincidences that it would be useless to meddle with it, unless like me you’re a Time Lord.

It wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but in 1996, after being without the Doctor on television for almost seven years, we got another glimpse at our hero. Personally, I find it great campy fun, and Paul McGann makes a great Doctor. It was hoped that this would turn into a pilot for a Fox TV series, but the ratings didn’t justify it. So, back to sleep it went for another nine years.

Special bonus: The Night of the Doctor

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