I just noticed how many toys I have on my desk:

a Marvin Martian (holding an exploded space modulator in front of his charred self),
an Ooglie (it makes cool noises to scare away people),
a boiling pen,
two Alpha Bits bobble head baseball players (Sammy Sosa and Ichiro, suitable for thwacking upside the head),
a plastic keychain with Owl from Winnie the Pooh (dressed in a Tigger costume for some bizarre ritual),
a keychain with a miniature version of the game A Barrel of Monkeys,
a Hot Wheels Chuck E. Cheese minivan,
an empty chocolate tin in the style of Dale Jarret’s number 88 NASCAR rod (I don’t even like racing!),
a plastic cactus-shaped shot glass from Remax (no clue),
a set of Ultimate Spider-Man reusable tattoos (from a client),
a Batman Beyond action figure (still in the wrapping, from the same client who thought I was “super”–uh-HA),
an empty mini-can of Pringles sour cream ‘n onion chips (to remind me to do little, unexpected, nice things for people, like my wife did for me),
and a kazoo.

What’s on YOUR desk?

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