Pepperkat’s friend Ashley just called. When I told her that PK was camping, she decided to strike up a conversation with me, instead.

HER: So…um…what are you doing, Mister N?
ME: Oh, just doing some work around the house and stuff.
HER: So, you’re sitting at the computer with your headphones on?
ME: Shut up.

Good grief. I need a life.

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7 Responses to Transparency

  1. Sgt Grump says:

    “Sitting at the computer with your headphones on”?
    That puts another light on that panic-stricken plea for “handyman assistance” that I received today.
    Instead of cluelessness and ineptness, procrastination and laziness seem to be the issue here.

  2. Lisa says:

    Kids these days – no respect! Sheesh!

  3. etherian says:

    lol – I remember that my friends always used to call me at dinnertime… not to talk to me, but to my dad. They loved his voice.

  4. jcwinnie says:

    “Mommy, why is the King wearing nothing but his undershorts?”

    “Hush, dear!” (giggle)

  5. Busy Mom says:

    So, you finished at the computer yet? And, Lord knows, I DO NOT want to know what you are wearing. Oh, wait the above comment was a metaphor. Nevermind.

  6. natalie says:

    Oh snap! Read by a teenager!

    Sad, dude. Just sad.

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