Travelin’ Man

OK, so here’s a test I can pass with flying colors (so to speak). Go to Visited States and make your own map of the states you’ve visited.

This springs from another meme that’s being passed around where you bold the states you’ve lived in and italicize those you’ve visited. Since I’ve only lived in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida, I’ll leave you to figure out the rest.

To be extremely fair, I’ve only just stopped over at LAX in California on the way to Hawaii. But I’ve spent at least one night in each of the others.

Did I mention I hate traveling?

[ via Monsieur Yates ]

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4 Responses to Travelin’ Man

  1. Buzz says:

    Wow! That’s either really impressive or really depressing.

  2. Zuly says:

    That’s COOL that you’ve been all those places!

  3. swirlspice says:

    50 States + 1

    I couldn’t think of a better title than Mel’s, so I’m just copying it. This is way easier than that list of 100 movies that’s going around. Bold = where I’ve been (to or through) Bold & Italics = where…

  4. Where Have You Been?

    I’ve been trying to work my way back to my normal blogging routine. I tried to catch up with everyone…

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