Tropic Thunder (oy Fay…)

We went and saw Tropic Thunder Saturday night, and it was freaking hee-larious. If you’re not a big fan of the naughty words (and the fart jokes and the severed heads and the fake blood and the Tom Cruise), then it’s probably not your cuppa tea. (Actually, I take that back about the Tom Cruise. The mere fact that he did this raises him up several notches in my book.)

Meanwhile, here comes Fay! It’s currently scheduled to track right up I-75 all day Wednesday and be sitting right at the intersection of I-75 and I-10 at 8pm Wednesday night…which is exactly where we will be driving to and from taking Pepperkat to Tallahassee…

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  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I hadn’t checked out the tracking on this one yet, but I was wondering how close it wuz gonna be to you folks. Here we go again, huh?

    Batten down dem hatches, and buy extra cookies! (Stay safe, you!)

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