Tweet Tweet Tweet

Yes, I’ve returned to Twitterdom. I still don’t have much use for it, personally, but:

A. I’m a geek, and it’s a geek toy. Must. Have.
B. The rest of the world seems to find it useful, including some of the band promotion sites that I use (I’m looking at you, ReverbNation).

So, despite not being able to access Facebook or Twitter from work, and despite my lack of a geekly phone gadget that is useful with said apps (which drops my geek cred back down into the toilet), I’m back in the Twitterverse.


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One Response to Tweet Tweet Tweet

  1. CLD says:

    I use from work. It’s a fully functioning Twitter client – AND IT’S ACCESSIBLE! 🙂

    If you have a Twitter account, then you already have a Twaitter account. Geeky tidbit: you can set/schedule tweets for future dates!

    I am in no way affiliated with Twaitter; I just want to hear more from you than one measly tweet in the morning.

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