If my heart can stand it!

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8 Responses to TWO. MORE. GAMES.

  1. KB says:

    A game well deserved. It should have ended hours ago but the umps made two bad pickoff calls at second. I’m a Yankees fan but I’m also a realist.

  2. peat says:

    George is getting frustrated!

    I want your blog.

  3. Christine says:

    I almost stopped believing, but I am back on the Sox bandwagon. Just Once Before I Die is all I ask right now.

    I hope Curt is up to the job. He is the one who pitched in THREE games vs the Skankees in the World series, when he was with the Diamondbacks…and won the D’Backs the Series! THIS is why Theo went and got him, and THIS is why he can help us win!

    But…David Ortiz = MVP. Anyone who disagrees is on some seriosu drugs. I worship at the altar of Big Dave!

  4. suzie says:


    good golly. my heart is in peril as well.

    god i love those guys.

  5. suzie says:

    this is so the year, by the way!

  6. Sunidesus says:

    I gotta say, living in the Red Sox area of the country is giving me a whole different perspective on the whole Red Sox/Yankees thing! I think everyone at the station just about exploded when the game finally finished tonight.

  7. Linkmeister says:

    Um, Sunidesus, there was at least one house in Hawai’i which was going bonkers too, and I’ve never lived any closer to Boston than Connecticut.

  8. Ric The Schmuck says:

    There’s a new Mr. October, and his name is David Ortiz! Whoooo hoooooooooooo!

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