Um, Okay, Joke’s Over?

I am proud to be a lowly minion in the dark army of Mordant Carnival. She is ruler most high and sarcastic, and every day I chant 13 times Mew, Lasfar! Don’t Go Coo! in the vague direction of London…or Bithlo, if I’m on the toilet at the time…(sorry you didn’t win the Best British Blog, luv, but at least I tried!).

That is why it disturbs me that she felt she had to write THIS today.

Way back on frickin’ July 15, I made one little blog entry about a B3TA animation that I found at Mordant’s site “dog carcass in alley this morning” (that she found at It’s called “Spider-Man Will Make You Gay.” It is pretty funny–assuming you have a clue that irony is not, as Baldrick says, “like goldy and bronzy, only it’s made of iron,” but the term for the idea that watching a cartoon of Spider-Man dancing will turn you into a homosexual. But it’s not THAT funny!

Of the top 20 queries that lead to, six of them have to do, in one form or another, with this stupid clip….and those represent 83% of the total number of requests for just the month of September! Hasn’t everyone seen the stupid thing by now?

I don’t think I need more evidence that Christine was right. Meme’s can be very bad!

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3 Responses to Um, Okay, Joke’s Over?

  1. Mordant Carnival says:

    Ulp… didn’t mean for you to take it personally, pal. I like getting the extra 80 hits per day, truth to tell. I’m just an fussy ol’ evil overlord who likes everything just so.

  2. Ric the Schm_u_c_k says:

    My head hurts.

    (Chanting “lobotomy…lobotomy…lobotomy…”)

    (Changing chant to “I rather have a bottle in front of me…than to have to have a frontal lobotomy….”)

    I go away now.

  3. Christine says:

    Memes can be good … but they can also be evil. Choose your memes wisely!

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