Vacation–All I Ever Wanted

Vacation…had ta get away…(thanks, Go-Go’s, now I got that stuck my head…oh, well, at least I’m not alone now…heh, heh, heh).

School’s out for summer (aaargh!), and I am taking my vacation this week, too. My brother (who has no annoying nickname, yet) and his wife are visiting us from Georgia, and we plan on spending as little time thinking as possible (don’t say it, Grump).

We kicked off the week with a pool party at “The Guys” house (none of which have nicknames, either…gotta do something about that). Fun, sun, bbq, pool, billiards, Uno and Thermonuclear War….heaven.

I am going to try to keep up with adding pages to the Oscar Do-Overs page, but since no one’s voting anyway, I might just let it go for a week…..

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