Vote For Sale

OK, so what happened to all the “Bloggys suck” and “Bloggys are a big popularity contest”? Or am I just bitter because I didn’t frickin’ get nominated for anything? Huh? What the hell do you think? Rat bastids.

Oh, I’m not saying that I couldn’t be paid to go HERE and vote for

Christine’s Blogs and Pets for Best Weblog Webring,
Jason’s for Best Weblog Directory or Update Monitor AND Best Application for Weblogs,
Dave’s Acerbia for Best European or African Weblog,
Mike’s akacooties for Best Canadian Weblog,
Michele’s A Small Victory or Christine’s Big Pink Cookie for Best American Weblog,
Mikey’s Electric Bugaloo for Best Tagline of a Weblog,
Christine’s Picture Yourself for Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site,
a whole buncha hot chicks, a Dave, and a promodude’s Scriptygoddess for Best Programming of a Weblog Site,
Eric Olsen’s Blogcritics for Best Weblog About Music,
Michele’s something or other for Best Weblog About Politics,
Eric Costello (one of my blogparents)’s OR Shelley’s Girlie’s Tips and Tricks OR the aforementioned Scriptygoddess for Best Web Development Weblog,
Mr. Gretchen’s c:\pirillo.exe for Best Computers or Technology Weblog,
Blogwhore for Best Topical Weblog That I Am Not Pimping,
Tracy’s Time for Your Meds for Most Humorous Weblog,
Scriptygoddess AGAIN for Best Group or Community Weblog,
Kymberlie’s Neurotic Fishbowl for Best-Designed Weblog,
Jessica’s Blog Anon for Best-Kept-Secret Weblog,
Melissa’s (sorry, SporkGrrl’s) My So Called Life OR the aforementioned Neurotic FishBowl for Best New Weblog,
and some evil wench for Weblog of the Year.

I’m just saying what’s in it for me?

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15 Responses to Vote For Sale

  1. robyn says:

    Don’t feel too badly — I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt out of the deal last year. Besides, the antis are where it’s at, baby!

  2. Drumroll please…

    Well Stacy just pointed out that The 2003 Bloggies nominations are up — which means there are several BIG rounds of congrats to pass along! Blogs & Pets (Christine M., best weblog webring) Blogrolling (best update monitor and application for weblogs) …

  3. Jason D- says:

    Well ya see this is how it works… I was nominated for a Webby Award back in the 90’s for the now taboo “Best Sex Site” and lost so I have a whole lotta bitter and passed it of to my fellow co-horts as being half assed lackluster layabouts. Now I’m the only one to blame if I lose so the pressure is on and they must be cool cause they nominated me and all. But then again if I don’t win, which I won’t cause I’ve got like 12 fanatic users and the competition has MILLIONS, I can blame the people.

  4. Christine says:

    My big problem with the Bloggies was that *he who must not be named* swept the whole damned thing. Ain’t gonna happen this year! 🙂

    The *blogs and pets* webring RULES!!!

    thanks for the promo! 🙂

  5. Christine says:

    Dude, I never said the Bloggies suck. But there are OTHER reasons you should suck up to me that are bigger than money … which one of us is a blogwhore judge? Uh huhhhhh… yeah baby! If you can’t win a Bloggie, you could BE a Blogwhore! You could be THE Blogwhore!

  6. Solonor says:

    In my own mind, I am the blogwhore. I don’t need your validation. 😛

  7. GeekGrrl says:

    Psssst… Solonor… I’ve got a nice spork and it’s got your name written all over it buddy.

    You vote for me, and I’ll even toss in a foon.

  8. D says:

    But I’m not African…

  9. dan says:

    *cough* best webcam *cough* best-kept-secret *cough*

  10. Scott says:

    Everyone vote for Geisha asobi for best Asian blog. She posts the trippiest links I’ve seen.

  11. Solonor says:

    Yes, Dan, after checking out your site, I have come to the conclusion that you are, indeed, best kept secret. 😛

  12. Tracy says:

    He’s not African?
    *taking back my vote*
    I voted for lots of people here.
    Thanks for the trackback Solonor!

  13. -e- says:

    Oh man… no Wil Wheaton???
    Who do I vote for, Solonor???

    Good to see a lot familiar faces nominated.
    Congratz, guys!!!!

  14. Les says:

    I haven’t even been paying attention seeing as I know I have no chance in hell of being nominated. Of course the advantage is I can still walk down the street without being mobbed by blog groupies.

    Riiiiight… 😉

  15. If I make lots of posts for you during BlogWhore can I snag your vote? 😉

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