Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Football Season?

I guess, it must be football season, since the office pool is getting organized. And would ya take a look at the shape of this week’s Carnival of the Vanities?

Apparently, I’m a Kicker: “Weird little guys–but essential to the game.” Heh.

[Grooving to: Positively 4Th Street by Bob Dylan]
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3 Responses to Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Football Season?

  1. jr says:

    better to be the kicker than the kickie

  2. Ejen says:


    miami is over rated this year !!!

  3. JustAGirl says:

    Man, I’m gonna miss kickin’ your butt on the pool this year…but then again…gotta LOVE where I am!!!

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