Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

It’s “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” and my daughter was terrified at the thought of sitting in my office and reading all day. So, she went to work with V… who works in a book store… so she could sit and read all day…

Yes, I know that’s not the purpose of BYK2W, but she did come with me last year. In fact, both of my kids have followed me around for a day, and they’ve both declared that I have the most boring job on the planet. Go me.

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5 Responses to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

  1. Mike says:

    First anxiousdog, now you…It’s a conspiracy to put a really bad (but unbelievable catchy) song in my head. Must go cleanse brain.

  2. It’s a Conspiracy

    First it was Anxiousdog, then it was

  3. theresa says:

    they think that now, but wait until they get their own jobs. then they’ll think THEY have the most boring jobs on the planet 🙂

  4. tj says:

    lucky bastard. *i* wanted the most boring job. but now it’s taken. great.

  5. Linkmeister says:

    Ah, bliss. To be an auxiliary in a bookstore, thus not having to deal with customers.

    True story: I once worked in the registrar’s office at a private college. One day, at the height of fall registration, she said, “It would be a great place to work if it weren’t for the students.”

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