Weekly Recap

Hope all you dads had a happy Father’s Day. I got a giant package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a card that says some mushy junk (literally, it says “and all that mushy junk”), and a hug. Plus, I got to play the new D&D 4th Edition all afternoon, so my weekend rocked.

The trip to Tallahassee was cool. I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the middle of a week when you’re also volunteering at vacation Bible school, but whatever. It was one of the best orientations I’ve ever attended. FSU really knows their stuff, and I came away from it extremely jealous of my daughter.

On the other hand, she went from “giddy with excitement” to “let’s get the hell out of here” in the matter of a day. Whereas they had us parents pretty much confined to a single building for our sessions (only having to march across campus for meals), they made the kids go all over the place every 20 minutes. And it was hotter than Hades’ hindquarters last week! On top of that, she was basically told by one advisor to give up on ever making it into the film school and got a look at her creepy, tiny, old dorm room.

But it’s all good. She’s not one to give up on a dream just because some old fart tells her to, and she’s got her best friend as her roommate, so they get to “survive” the horrors of dorm life together.

Now, if we can just figure out how to pay for this…

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3 Responses to Weekly Recap

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Good luck with the paying for it.

    Personally, I’m horrified at the thought when mine get to that point. Guess we’ll just have to buy our house another time…

  2. bran says:

    college! sweet.

    D&D 4th ed! sweet.
    So, are you playing a half-elf named ‘Solonor Rasreth?’ My powers of psychic prediction are getting astounding. I have no idea how I guessed this.

    We’re working on a new RPG set in Victorian-turn-of-the-century-Edwardian times, and it’s turning out to be really fun. We get to have robots. (yes!) Roo’s character is a mechanic and gets to build things. (sweet!) My character is a treasure-hunter. Pretty basic archetype, yeah? 😉

  3. geeky says:

    Yeah, good luck with paying for it. I’m STILL paying for mine, and will be for some years to come. *sigh*

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