Welcome to Florida: The Orangesicle State

OK, I know I’m whining, but in Maine, we weren’t so stupid as to cheerfully run around outside in nothing more than a sweater (and pants, you pervert) when it was 24-degrees!!!

Wait. Yes, we did. That meant Spring was here. Never mind.

Happy Spring, Florida!

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8 Responses to Welcome to Florida: The Orangesicle State

  1. Becky says:

    Solonor…are you complaining about the weather?!? I know it’s been colder than normal down there, but consider this…our low temperature yesterday here in North Dakota was around -21

  2. Solonor says:

    We only get two or three days worth complaining about, so I gotta get ’em in.

  3. Tracy says:

    see comments I left here for my response to that. And anywhere that I might have said She, her, or annessa, change to He, Him, and SolonOr.

    🙂 Wusses.

  4. Da Goddess says:

    San Diego’s warm…….kinda…..

  5. kat says:

    yeah, it is kinda chilly but i wouldnt go backto maine right now…lol its in the negs all the time! brrrrrrrr

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    It’s working, it’s working….. Our secret plan is working!
    Keep up all the publicity for the cold, bad weather here in Maine. that way we don’t get them durn “people from away” all wanting to move in here. Shheeesh, imagine what that would be like, a place where lot’s of tourists visit, and then actually move in! Yuck. I can’t imagine a place like that!

  7. Brian says:

    You forgot to mention that it is usually about May before it warms back up to the mid-20s in Maine.

  8. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Yeah, but by then the skeeters are out in good shape!

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