Well, that was fun…

I understand that when there is a thunderstorm there will be flight delays.

So, please, don’t sit there and keep flashing that my plane is on time. It’s 10 minutes until scheduled departure, and I can see that it’s not even at the gate, yet.

And what is this with sitting on the runway for 45 minutes? It’s not like we’re in line behind 100 planes. Can’t we figure out that planes won’t be cleared for takeoff for a while, and we’ll just have to sit in the nice, air-conditioned terminal a little longer?

Then, is there a reason that 3 lanes of I-95 are squeezed down to 2 for construction, resulting in two hours of crawling along the highway, when there is no actual construction anywhere to be seen?

(I was supposed to get here at 7:30 last night. I checked in at midnight, instead. So, I’m a little grumpy. I’ll get over it.)

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2 Responses to Well, that was fun…

  1. michele says:

    And what’s the deal with airline food?

  2. bran says:

    buy some chocolate at the end of the road.

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