What’s that again about Dick?

I was perusing blogs and blog-like substances this morning when I came across a post at The Nerdist by Sir Dr. Eric Idle, MBE, DFA, OB/Gyn, wherein he goes on at-length about meeting Brian Cox (who is, apparently, Britain’s version of Bill Nye the Science Guy or something). Professor Cox has a new show on biology coming up soon, and he got Sir Eric to write a version of The Galaxy Song about biological matters. He calls it the Galaxy DNA Song (lyrics included in said post).

But what caught my eye was the fact that this meeting took place in May at the last night of his play What About Dick? I’d never heard of such a thing! Eric Idle, Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Eddie Izzard and Tracey Ullman on the same stage? Doing bits and songs by Eric Idle? And it’s over?? Hold on a second while I work through my despair.

From the video clips of the actors and the description of the plot (“…(beginning) with a sex toy invented in Shagistan in 1898 by Deepak Obi Ben Kingsley (Eddie Izzard), tells the story of the decline of the British Empire as seen through the eyes of a Piano (Eric Idle) and the story of young Dick (Russell Brand), his two cousins (Jane Leeves and Sophie Winkleman) and their dipsomaniac Aunt Maggie (Tracey Ullman), who all live together in Kensington in a large, rambling, Edwardian novel. And there too are the Reverend Whoopsie (Tim Curry), the incomprehensible Scottish Inspector McGuffin (Billy Connolly) and Sergeant Ken Russell (Jim Piddock) and the case of the Houndsditch Mutilator”), this sounds like more fun than a barrel full of monkeys (mind, that’s not really as fun as it sounds).

Anyway, like all good Python bits, I really don’t have a cute way to end this, so…

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  1. Jules says:

    and now for something completely different? But Sweet Baby Jesus, how did this get missed?? MUST send out the dogs to retrieve some footage of this play!

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