What’s Up With The Nortons?

I just realized that I’ve been putting up links and crap, but haven’t really been keeping those who care in the loop on the comings and goings around Chez Norton. So, here’s a quick recap of life since Memorial Day when Winy took ill.

When last we saw our intrepid family, eldest child Whiny was in the Emergency Room of a major metropolitan hospital – the slow, steady drip of the IV bringing life-giving fluids to his frail, streptococcus-ravaged frame. Meanwhile, young daugher Pepperkat was left sitting at the office of the only remote urgent care facility that was open on a holiday, as mother needed to proceed to the hospital with Whiny. A distraught Solonor was racing across town to rescue his little one from the ravages of waiting around without even a Gameboy or a book.

How have our cast of characters fared this week?

Whiny: Fully recoverd. Amazingly recovered. He looked like a new person the very next day. It’s amazing how fast penicillin works when it takes up 25% of your body weight. (He’s really, really skinny.) He recovered so fast that he was able to go to JACON on Saturday. He missed his finals and the CCNA exam, but those are in the process of being taken – in between rounds of The Matrix PS2 game. We traded in 3 PS2 games and STILL had to pay $20 for the thing, but it’s really, really cool.

Pepperkat: Undaunted by her abandonment at Centra Care, the plucky young thing is now traipsing through the wilderness of Pennsylvania. The Girl Scouts packed into a van on Friday night and headed north. They spent a couple of days in Savannah, but are now annoying the Amish. Of course, she called with a status update and said, “We went from Virginville to Intercourse and wound up in Paradise.” Argh.

Charmian: As is usual with mothers, the kids recovered nicely and are off galavanting around the countryside with their happy little pursuits. Meanwhile, she caught a terrible cold (probably from the emergency room) and has spent the week in misery. I got her about 25 gallons of won ton soup from our favorite Chinese take out place and that helped, but she’s been Senora Stuffy all week. Take extra time out of your day to wish her a happy birthday, please.

Solonor: Not much to report. Got my cell phone fixed for free. Oh…forgot to tell you that the antenna broke when it fell on the floor? (Maybe I shouldn’t twirl it around like a six-shooter or flip it into the air anymore.) I went to one of those kiosk places in the mall where they sell cell phone toys like light-up antennas, and the nice guy gave me one with a burned out LED for free. I gave him $5 just for tearing apart the phone and fixing it for me.

Th-th-that’s all folks. Roll credits.

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  1. Da Goddess says:

    Hoping the Mrs feels better soon and am glad Whiny’s IV perked him back up!

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