Who needs books? Ya got that Interneck thingy.

I’m feeling all liberal and stuff, and since I know everyone’s busy watching the Super Bowl, I think I can squeeze in an anti-Bush rant without anyone noticing…

Of all the shortsighted proposals in the idiotic “we haven’t got enough money, so let’s cut taxes” budget of Baby Bush, this one’s probably not as important to a Floridian’s daily life as cutting medical benefits or raising university tuition. It’s probably not half as stupid as cutting the budgets of agencies designed to find ways to save money. But it’s hilarious and sad to see the man who held that reading would be a top priority of his second term propose that we eliminate the Florida State Library.

Of course, it’s not as it seems, dear friends. Just because his budget proposal includes ZERO money for the library and cuts all the staff as of July 1, that doesn’t mean we’re talking about closing down the institution founded in 1845. No! We’re going to shove it onto FSU. The only problem is that FSU president T.K. Wetherell said he doesn’t want it unless the state sends him the people and money to run it. And, of course, since there is a nice little $18-million cut for FSU included in the budget, how likely is that?

Like Mike Thomas says, instead of running around going “See? See? I told you what would happen if you passed that class size amendment!” as the excuse for every cut, the guv needs to get his head out of his posterior and take a look at the billions of dollars in tax cuts we’re giving away each year to the wealthy at the expense of education.

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  1. zeebah says:

    Everyone in the Bush clan is an idiot, as far as I’m concerned. I’m steamed about this… unfortunately, I don’t live in Fla. anymore, so my voice doesn’t count for sh*t.

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